Tenant Representation Healthcare Case Study

Kenney Orthopedics

10435 N Pennsylvania Street | Indianapolis, IN


Kenney Orthopedics has a location in Carmel, IN and their lease was nearing expiration. This location was hard to find, and accessibility is important to their clientele. An additional challenge with this property was the inefficient layout and operational workflow, which wasn’t optimal for their business and resulted in a lot of wasted space. The obstacles they faced with finding a relocation property were geographic restrictions that narrowed the search area and their desire to limit their buildout or remodel expenses, yet provided an adequate and functional layout.


Kenney Orthopedics engaged Reliant Partners broker, Bobby Lind, to assist in the search and evaluation of the market to find a property to relocate their business. They had previously utilized Bobby’s services to open a new location in Downtown Indianapolis, so he understood the group and their needs, which helped him successfully find a location for them to relocate. This new location not only is easily accessible but it also gives them expansion room to grow.  An additional benefit is the new building is a single tenant building and Bobby was able to negotiate a Right of First Refusal to purchase the building and a healthy Tenant Improvement allowance from the landlord to cover the cost of needed space improvements.