Land Brokerage Services Case Study

Midland Pointe

Midland Pointe – SEQ of SR 32 & Hazel Dell | Noblesville, IN


Jim Adams of Secure Holdings is a regional mixed-use development and self-storage developer looking to acquire land sites in Central Indiana, which are limited in availability and challenging to garner zoning approval. Jim was looking for an experienced land broker with knowledge of the market, a keen understanding of mixed-use development projects and the land entitlement process.  Candidly Jim needed a brokerage partner with acumen both as a broker and a developer that could assist in the initial site acquisition, development process and site disposition.  Often developers don’t have time to identify and qualify sites or they may not see the value in engaging a broker.


Jim engaged Scott Lindenberg and the Reliant Partners team to assist in the land assemblage of thirty (30) acres, market evaluation of various development uses and end user marketing of the residual commercial outlots for the Midland Pointe project.  Given Scott’s land brokerage and development experience he was able to collaborate with Jim on an overall marketing strategy and provide market value insight and sales comp research for the various land uses. In addition to collaborative marketing Scott assisted with purchase and sale negotiations, due diligence coordination, and overall communication of the entitlement process.