Investment Consulting & Leasing Services Case Study

THE MICH Building

127 E. Michigan Street | Indianapolis, IN


Jafari Estates is an established residential investment and property management firm that was looking to expand into commercial investment properties. While they understood the investment principles, underwriting, and operational needs of income producing real estate they needed a commercial ally to guide them through the nuisances of commercial real estate investing. The Jafari family needed a collaborative and trusted resource to assist on the acquisition and leasing of their first commercial investment property.


Jafari Estates engaged Reliant Partners broker Scott Lindenberg to leverage his investment experience and market knowledge to purchase 127 E. Michigan Street in downtown Indianapolis. In addition to providing market research to confirm a market purchase price Scott navigated contract negotiations, due diligence and the critical timeline of events leading up to closing. After closing Scott collaborated with the Jafari family to prioritize remodeling initiatives – including first floor lobby upgrades and the creation of a fitness center, meeting room and storage amenities. The Reliant Partners team implemented a first-class building marketing and leasing campaign – achieving 100% occupancy within 12 months of the completed remodeling of THE MICH.